This type of applications seek to explore new inputs different to touch or presence and also use sound as a tool which intervenes space by either configuring it or feeding it, thus moving away from the idea of conventional control and taking the soundscape around ourselves as a composition event within the parts involved.

The first suggested application is a piece of commercial software developed for display cases in order to use new media as an advertising tool. The aim of the product is to transform the client ́s logo into a grid whose depth values at different nodes in the area are modified by the audio input. Also, a video capture system detects the presence of the user in order to eliminate space in the grid and generate the person ́s silhouette.

The second application is designed for artistic purposes and is based on the statement “sound gives meaning to life”. Captured video is converted to horizontal lines whose depth is changes depending on the value of the sound. The objectives of this tool are to describe sound as an element which brings different shades to life and also to makepeople reflect on the soundscape.