Systema Solar Kinect VJ Set

Responsibilities: Project Manager, Coder and Technical Advisor.

Systema Solar is a Colombian music band that explores the musical native expressions as the “cumbia” and the “champeta” mixed with a live act full of strength and magic, which has set them to become one of the most important music icons of this country. With their new record “La revancha del burro”, they wanted to create a show with more energy in the visual area in order to generate a stronger communication between the musicians, the performers and the VJ.

My job in this project as project manager began when we start to talk with them and tried to understand their needs, the messages they wanted to communicate with the new album and what kind of show they wanted to develop. Then, we created a workflow schedule to define which technology and which software should we use. Given the short time frame, we decided to use VVVV and the kinect tools that this software provides. Additionally, I led the design of the vj-booth and all the cable connections to enhance the VJ’s live performance, adding performance and capabilities to the video system.

We designed 7 patches trigged by a midi controller which uses different features in the kinect sdk as silhouette tracking, hand tracking, skeleton tracking and face tracking trying to implement in each technique the graphic design in the record and some elements from the Caribbean culture of Colombia, like the shaman culture and the “picotera” culture.

I choose this project as part of my portfolio because it shows my abilities as project manager, designer and coder, applied successfully to a real life project that is evolving during each show.