Responsibilities: Concept Design, Code, circuit design

I began to work in this concept when I was working as a Creative Technologist in Estado Lateral, a interactive design lab based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This project is the result of observing interfaces, which allow human beings to manipulate electronic media. More specifically, it comes from the lack of sensitivity they have towards humans and from the appalling isolation between this kind of media and nature.

Every living being is a transmitter, a receptor and an energy converter. Electromagnetic energy is something that we cannot see but, depending on our mood, feelings and even fitness, we can generate at different intensities. There are species in nature (such as plants) that are capable of perceiving, encoding and even transmitting this energy.

Our piece of art consequently becomes the means for us to see and hear in real time the energy that human beings can pass on to nature and, as result, an instrument to create sound and visual art out of things we do not often appreciate or take into account: the power of a caress, getting closer, a touch or a hand shake, and all the energy we emanate through these actions.

This work was presented at the International Festival of the Image in Manizales, Colombia, One dot Zero Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the File Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I chose this project because it represents both the artistic and investigative aspects of my profile. It also allowed me to be called by the One Dot Zero Festival in Argentina, where I explained how we could create unusual and fun interfaces that could be used for commercial purposes, even if it was portrayed just as art or a research project.

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