32 puntos & 1/2

This project, directed by Catalina Quijano (http://www.ka- , is an exploration born during her master studies and seeks to study the relation between new media and Dance, being Ballet and Butoh the axis of the project.

This research is divided into two parts. The first one is a study of the relation between the dancer and the floor, a concept taken from Butoh and its greatest exponent Ko Murobushi. For the experiments, it was necessary to build a mat with 32 pressure sensors which were radially placed to detect the pressure differences as the dancer touches different areas. This information is sent to Processing based software which transforms the data into values that explore the RGB of some predetermined images. These pictures paint pre-columbian matrices projected from the top to the dancer.

The second part is a study of the relation between motion and a notation system based on the works of Armando Menicacci and the Labanotation. In this project, the phase space motion capture device was used to transfer real- time data to Processing with vrpn protocol. These data would then be displayed on tree structures built from the algorithm resulted in the research work on ballet.

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