Carlos Mario Rodiguez Perdomo, a.k.a Charles Bones is an electronic artist, industrial designer and graphic artist who has studied the interaction among new media, technology and perception, thus integrating them in non-conventional interface development.

Carlos ́ caeer began as an experimental hardware researcher in Estado Lateral media lab in Buenos Aires (Argentina) developing different artistic and technical implementations on the Arduino platform. Currently, he joined XOR media lab as creative director behind the research, design and development processes using several types of software such as: Processing, Ruby, Quartz Composer, VVVV, Pure Data, openFrameWorks, and other hardware tools.

Moreover, Carlos works as a researcher in Universidad de Los Andes (University Of The Andes), having taken part in two research projects so far. First, he collaborated with Catalina Quijano in 32 & 1⁄2 Dots, a project on the relation be- tween new media and Dance. He later worked with Hernando Barragan in the project Wiring, translating the reference of this tool and developing different software pieces.

Along his daily duties, Charles Bones has specialized as a VJ experimenting with visual development schematics on real-time programming, moving away from the traditional methods of visual production. The use of Flaxus, Fluxus, Quartz Composer and VVVV is prominent in his work.

Academic formation

Industrial Designer Universidad de Los Andes Bogota, 2010

Exchange student, School of Design and Urbanism. University of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, 2007

High School Diploma Colegio Emmanuel D ́alzon Bogota, 2003

Lectures and Seminars

C ++ Programming Language Structure (Level I). Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, SENA. Bogota, Colombia. October, 2009.

Modules, storage structure and object-oriented programming using C++ (Level II). Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, SENA. Bogota, Colombia. August, 2010.

Use of classes, objects, methods and sequential files on POO with C++ programming language (Level III). Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, SENA. Bogota, Colombia. September, 2010.

HTML and JAVASCRIPT web programming. Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, SENA. Bogota, Colombia. Julio, 2010. Variables and control structures in object-oriented programming: Java. December, 2010.

David Curtielles. First Arduino workshop in Buenos Aires. Culture Center of Spain. Buenos Aires. July 9th – July 13th, 2007.